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 West Wyalong

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West Wyalong is a former goldmining settlement located at the intersection of the Mid Western and Newell Highways.

In 1818 John Oxley was the first white explorer to visit the area.

Squatters arrived in 1833 and named the region 'The Blands'.

Gold was found on the Neeld family property in 1893. By May the next year 12,000 prospectors had arrived to try their luck at the field. The number had reduced by almost two thirds by the end of 1894.

In 1894 the town of Wyalong was officially laid out. The diggers, however, would not be relocated from their Main Camp settlement, west of Wyalong, which was the location of the White Tank water supply, as well as most of the mines. Thus West Wyalong was laid out at this site in 1895. Its crooked main street still follows the path of an old bullock track which wound around the diggings.

Main Street, West Wyalong, 1920 (courtesy Bland District Historical Society)

West Wyalong's first brick building, the Tattersalls Hotel, was built in 1894 and is still run by descendants of the original proprietors today.

In 1899 Wyalong became a municipality and gained council chambers, school of arts, post office and courthouse. All are still standing.

1899 was also the year that the local fields were declared the most productive in New South Wales.

When the railway arrived in 1903 it passed between the two rival towns in an area that then became known as Wyalong Central.

The gold fields were gradually exhausted and mining operations ended in 1921. Mine tailings were reprocessed during the 1930s.

Industries such as wheat and grains, sheep, cattle, pigs and fodder crops developed in the surrounding district in the early 1900s. A Eucalyptus oil industry began in 1907.

West Wyalong Museum, built in 1902 (courtesy Bland District Historical Society)

In 1935 Wyalong, West Wyalong and Wyalong Central were amalgamated by government proclamation. The merged town is now an important centre in the Bland Shire. It also contains a number of historic buildings.

Bland District Historical Society
Information: The Society's West Wyalong Museum is directed towards the acquisition, preservation, exhibition, accessibility and appreciation of heritage items for present and future generations. The Society was founded in 1965. The Bland District Historical Society has relocated to the historic Wyalong Court House and is open 7 days a week from 2pm till 5pm. The Museum has an extensive selection of artifacts from the early mining days as well as agricultural items from the beginning of farming. The Court Room has been kept intact and features the original cedar benches.
Publications: 'Museum Murmurs' edited by Mrs Joan Stanford; cemetery records; 'West of the Bland (West Wyalong history) Then and Now'.
Events: An event is held annually during the Heritage Festival; Birthday Dinner (no set dates).
President Phone: 02 6972 2978
Secretary Phone: 02 6972 2117
Contact: Mrs Joan Stanford (President); Mrs June Nicholson (Secretary)
Phone: 02 6972 3113

PO Box 299
West Wyalong NSW 2671

Wyalong Museum
Information: A cottage Museum of the Bland District Historical Society containing a mining display, war memorabilia, agricultural machinery, aboriginal artefacts, vintage clothing and furniture. Open 2.30pm to 5pm daily. Can open at other times by request.
Phone: 02 6972 3303

69 Neeld St
Wyalong NSW 2671

Wyalong District Family History Group Inc
Information: The Wyalong District Family History Group Inc. is directed towards the acquisition, preservation, exhibition, accessability and appreciation of local family history and heritage resources for present and future generations. Founded May 1994.
Publications: 'The Mallee Stump'

PO Box 73
Wyalong NSW 2671

West Wyalong Visitor Information Centre
Phone: 02 6972 3645

89-91 Main Street
West Wyalong NSW

Postal Address:

PO Box 21
West Wyalong NSW 2671

Email: council@blandshire.nsw.gov.au
Website: http://www.blandshire.nsw.gov.au/tourism.html



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