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Parramatta Female Factory included on National Heritage List

The Parramatta Female Factory and Institutions Precinct has been included on the National Heritage List.

For almost 200 years, the Precinct existed as a part of Australia's social welfare system, providing shelter for women and children. It was a place of work and punishment, a marriage bureau, a labour hire depot and a home for disadvantaged or 'wayward' women and children, often held there against their will.

The Precinct began in 1818 as Australia's first female convict site, the Parramatta Female Factory. This was the first destination for the majority of convict women sent to colonial Sydney and many Australians are descended from these resilient women.

After the Female Factory's closure, the Precinct housed a Roman Catholic Orphan School and then the Parramatta Industrial Girls School in various forms until 1974. The last institution on site, the Norma Parker Correctional Centre, closed its doors in 2008.

The buildings and grounds of the Precinct that remain today tell us much about attitudes to women in the past. The spaces the women inhabited and objects they used, including archaeological finds from the convict era, shed light on their day-to-day trials and tribulations.

The Precinct's Orphan and Girls School buildings are an important physical record for many Australians who have personal connections with institutional sites. The harm of institutionalisation and the trauma experienced by many residents is acknowledged as part of the site's heritage and visitors are encouraged to learn about its complex history.

The Precinct is Australia's 113th National Heritage place.

More information about the National Heritage List is here, and information about the Parramatta listing is here

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