Tuesday, 18 April 2017 00:00

Australian Heritage Festival launched

The inaugural Australian Heritage Festival has been launched, with more than a thousand events taking place this year between April 18 and May 21. The festival takes the place of the former National Trust Heritage Festival, which has been expanded through a three-year partnership with the Australian Government.

The festival's inaugural theme 'Having a Voice' calls on communities to champion their local heritage and share their local stories. From riding the 130-year-old Victorian Colonial Express to sleeping under the stars at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and exploring forgotten suburban cemeteries, there is a wide diversity of activites.

Events include Dawn at the Camp, commemorating the involvement of Aboriginal ANZACs at the site of a Cowra P.O.W. Camp; The Urban Polaris, a lively bike navigation event through Canberra's heritage sites; and a Victorian theatre production exploring the 19th century events that led to the National Heritage listed Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve being given self-determination.

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