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The romance of Flinders Street Station

The Victorian Government’s Culture Victoria website has launched a Love Stories Project to celebrate the central role Flinders Street Station  has played as the heart of Melbourne.

Since the early 1900s, it has been considered the heart of Melbourne – with millions meeting under the clocks at Flinders Street Station – and the Love Stories project calls on people to share their tales of love and romance.

The Love Stories Project was initiated by Jane Routley, author of Culture Victoria’s Flinders Street Station blog, after she learned that her parents first met at a meeting held in the Station Ballroom.

The blog will showcase Flinders Street-related material that is kept by cultural institutions across the state – from photographs to building plans, newspaper articles, postcards and artworks.

The Love Stories Project invites people to submit their memories in up to 500 words along with any pictures to culturevictoria@gmail.com.  The best stories will be collated and published on the Flinders Street Station blog - blogs.cv.vic.gov.au/flinders-street-station.

The Culture Victoria website is at: www.cv.vic.gov.au


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