The Hartog Plate

On 25 October 1616, Dutch mariner Dirk Hartog sailed into history when he made the first documented European landing on the west coast of Australia in the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship Eendracht. Hartog and his crew left an inscribed pewter plate in Shark Bay, Western Australia, as a testimony of their visit. Don’t miss this rare chance to see the original Hartog plate, on loan from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to mark 400 years since Hartog’s historic landing.

In keeping with the Dutch theme at the museum The Batavia Tapestry is currently showing in the the Tasman Light gallery- an intriguing new large-scale embroidered work by Melbourne textile artist Melinda Piesse illustrating the tragic story of the wreck of the VOC flagship Batavia in 1629.

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