The Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyagers 1800 -1804

The Art of Science: Baudin’s Voyagers 1800 -1804 brings over 340 of the original paintings and drawings from the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, France to Australian audiences for the first time, with a different suite of paintings showcased at each touring venue.

The exhibition showcases original sketches and paintings created by Baudin’s artists Charles Alexandre Lesueur and Nicolas-Martin Petit during the voyage of 1800-1804. Lesueur and Petit created their paintings and drawings on the shores and off the coasts of Australia and captured some of the first European views of Australian animals, landscapes and very first portraits of Aboriginal people.

The exhibition also showcases material from other French institutions, much of which has never before been displayed in Australia. These include Baudin’s chronometer, exquisite coastal profiles, hand drawn maps, and Baudin’s personal journal from France’s National Archives.

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