Month: March 2020

Preparing Garage Doors For Winter

Preparing Your Garage Door This Winter

Winter is a very cold season with many people loving it and many others hating it. As it approaches one must carry out a few activities and tasks which are necessary so as to make sure the garage door is kept in good shape during and long after the winter season.

Check and cross-check your weather stripping

During the winter season temperature falls and this, of course, is due to snow from the sky. In this condition, the weather stripping of the garage door is most important and it should be paid utmost attention. The weather stripping is the part of the garage door that acts as a seal between the garage door itself and its opening. This helps the garage to maintain some form of Normal and tolerable temperature. This weather stripping stops the entry of cold air and moisture from entering the garage interior from its exterior environment. It is also great because it can be used for the prevention of the entry of mold. As winter approaches, you should make sure you pay attention to your weather stripping and if it is damaged you have to change it or fix it. You need to do a thorough inspection around the frame and the lower part of the garage door. Make sure it doesn’t appear brittle or cracked or even lose and if it does, have it replaced or repaired.

Have the right winter tools

If you let your garage door suffer too long from the winter season you might suffer more after the season. You should not allow your garage door to become stuck and hard due to the accumulation of ice and snow around the door. This makes the door harder to opening with every given moment and day. You must make sure that your winter tools are never too far away and you must be ready to use them when the situation arises. Your winter tools should be nothing short of snow blower, shovel, ice melt, and others. They should be there in the garage and easily accessible.

Use grease on metals

Grease such as engine oils and other oils increase friction. During winter your garage door is liable to get stuck and harder to use. You need to prepare the garage door by greasing it appropriately. Make sure you add a lubricant to all the moving parts this includes the hinges, the door rollers, springs, tracks and the rest. Cold weather could stiffen them and if this is the case the door becomes harder and more frustrating to use. You should grease them during and before the winter to prepare the door.

Your external keypad and other electrical related components

The cold and winter season can do real damage to the electrical appliances in your home and they can also cause the easy and fast drainage of your battery. You should make sure you are ready and prepared for this. You should change the old batteries of your external keypad so that you can continue using them when the time comes. You should also make sure these electrical related components are not exposed to water.…